Business block cooperation

International cooperation with prestigious training and research institutions in developing countries has always been the focus of the university’s external activities. Every year, through cooperation within the bilateral – multilateral framework, for example, Erasmus programs with universities of the European Union, scholar-student exchange programs with the National Institute of Informatics of Japan. (NII), University of Sydney (UniSyd), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), University of Shibaura, Osaka University (Japan), National University of Singapore (NUS)… the turn of lecturers and students to work and study at the partner universities, as well as to receive in the opposite direction many lecturers, scientists and students from advanced countries to teach and study short-term at the University. . The university also signed a cooperation agreement with Uppsala University (Sweden) to deploy a 3+1 double degree training cooperation for students of the Global ICT Program: students study at Hanoi University of Science and Technology for 3 years, and have the option to study for a year in Sweden to earn a degree from both Universities. The current program has been running for 2 years, and is being evaluated from both sides before rolling out to a new level in the following years.

Through international cooperation, the University has attracted many funding sources for training and scientific research, for example: Horizon 2020 Program, Erasmus Program (EU), ASEAN IVO Fund (Japan), Foundation US Army research…

In addition to cooperating with training and research institutions, the University also builds a wide network of cooperation with leading corporations and companies in the IT field in Vietnam and around the world. The network of businesses accompanying the University currently has more than 200 businesses, effectively supporting the University in: (i) providing business internship opportunities for students; (ii) support soft skills training, foreign language training, (iii) cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer, (iv) as well as scholarships and funding for training and scientific research activities of the company. student. The school has a strong cooperation with Samsung Vietnam through training support programs, internships, teaching, investment in experimental facilities. The school also develops close cooperation with IBM Vietnam in developing training programs, supporting students to access advanced technologies,