Degree:  Master of Science in Environmental Science

Training objectives About knowledge

Supplementing and improving the knowledge learned at university level on the basis of environmental science, updating knowledge about new issues and achievements of environmental science, providing in-depth knowledge in a number of fields. specialized areas and narrow professional orientation in environmental science and some necessary interdisciplinary knowledge.

About skills

Improve skills in detecting, researching and solving environmental problems; understand in-depth research methods in some fields of environmental science; able to apply the knowledge and methods equipped in management, administration, teaching and research and implementation activities in the field of environment.

 About output capacity

Holders of a Master of Environmental Science can do teaching and scientific research at universities and research institutes; working as specialists in ministries and departments related to environmental management (Science-Technology, Natural Resources-Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development…); working as an environmental officer and expert for development projects,…

Holders of a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science will be eligible to apply for doctoral training in environmental majors at home and abroad. Currently, the Faculty of Environment is training the level of Doctor of Environmental Science.

Training time

The training program is designed for 2 academic years (4 semesters) with normal academic progress. The registration of overtaking, shortening the study time will be decided by the Principal and if accepted, only a maximum of 1 semester can be shortened (ie, a minimum of 1.5 years must be attended).

Candidates for recruitment

Candidates are all Vietnamese citizens and foreign citizens who are fluent in Vietnamese and meet the eligibility requirements as specified in Section 4 below.

Eligibility Criteria

The conditions for admission are specified in the Regulation on training at the master’s level promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training. Specifically:

About diplomas

a) Having graduated from a university in the right field of Environmental Science or in a suitable discipline such as Environmental Technology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering Technology, Environmental Management.

b) Persons with university degrees in almost any discipline such as Biology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Forestry, Community Medicine, etc. must learn additional knowledge before taking the exam.

Contents of additional learning (course name, number of credits) for each discipline are listed  here  .

About professional work experience

Those with a good university degree or higher in Environmental Science or relevant disciplines such as Environmental Technology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering Technology, Environmental Management may take the exam immediately after completing the exam. graduate.

The remaining subjects must have at least one year of working experience in the professional field of Environmental Science or Technology/Engineering from the date of issuance of the decision on recognition of university graduation to the date of application submission.

Have enough health to study.

Submit a complete application, on time as prescribed by the training institution

The volume of knowledge of the whole course

The total amount of knowledge to be accumulated in the program is 53 credits (including 42 course credits and 11 graduation thesis credits).

Graduation conditions

Graduation conditions as prescribed in the Training Regulations. Specifically, must meet the requirements of foreign language proficiency; Accumulate 42 credits of modules and complete the graduation thesis satisfactorily.

Point ladder. The scale applies to each course and the cumulative score is calculated on a 10-point scale (10/10).

Program frame:  please see  here .