Name of the training program:  Environmental Engineering

Education level:  Engineer

Training period: 4.5 years

Type of formal training

Sector code: 7520320

* Subjects for admission are high school graduates, the form of admission is based on academic records or high school exam scores in 2023. Candidates can choose a combination of subjects with the average score of 3 graduation exams or class results. The 12 highest for admission include:

Selection subject combination:   

A00: Math – Physics – Chemistry;  

B00: Math – Chemistry – Biology;  

D07: Math – Chemistry – English; 

D15; Literature – Geography – English ???

Overall objective: The Environmental Engineering Engineer training program aims to train learners with good quality, ethics, and politics, with solid professional knowledge in science, technology, and environmental engineering. school, have practical practical skills, have the ability to create and solve problems in the field of Environmental Engineering with an application orientation in many areas of life; Learners can continue to follow the Master’s and Doctoral training levels.

Reasons to choose to study Environmental Engineering at Hue University of Science: