The program was established in 2018 to focus specifically on environmental problems, an area which we consider as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. The curriculum combines social and natural sciences, in recognition of the fact that effective environmental studies spans a number of scholastic disciplines including law, policy, administration, economics, population, energy, and engineering. The school is devoted to fostering graduates able to serve effectively as business persons, professionals, consultants or scholars in the area of environmental protection, conservation and sustainability.

International Graduate Course provides educational programs for students who intended to obtain degrees in English. No knowledge or proficiency in Vietnamese is needed as all seminars, lectures and guidance are conducted in English. The curriculum consists of three fields, Economics and Business Administration for the Environment, Law and Policies and Sociology for the Environment and Science and Engineering for the Environment. One of the strategies of this course is to enhance the capacity of students to contribute to the solving of current environmental issues through a variety of practical and discipline specific programs. Moreover, we intend to collaborate with the Graduate School of Science and Technology and the Graduate School of Economics so as to create an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum.

Message from the Head of FES-HUS

Our program appeals to students who are looking for all that defines Hue University – diverse and progressive education and innovation with a free spirit. The atmosphere of the university and the traditional Vietnamese city of Hue will also be attractive for international students and researchers who wish to conduct research related to environmental issues. The program has been successful in attracting highly qualified overseas students from Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America. We have established a place for students of all cultures to work cooperatively and across boundaries.