Hue University welcomed and worked with Director of Student Affairs Department, Ministry of Education and Sports of Laos PDR


On October 10, at Hue University, Mrs.Do Thi Xuan Dung, Ph.D, Vice President of Hue University had a working meeting with Prof.Dr.Khamluesa Nuansavanh, Director of Student Affairs Department, Ministry of Education and Sports, Laos PDR. Together with Prof.Dr.Khamluesa Nuansavanh, there came Dr. Vongphachanh Vilayhom, Vice-director of Student Affairs Department, Ministry of Education and Sports; Mr. InTha Vongphachan, Consulate General of Laos PDR in Da Nang; Mr. Lonphanh Phaodavanh, Third Secretary, Consulate of Laos PDR.

Prof.Dr.Khamluesa Nuansavanh, Director, Department of Student Affairs, Ministry of Education and Sports, Laos PDR informed that there are about 5,000 Lao students coming to study in Vietnam each year. One of the tasks of Lao Department of Student Affairs is to supervise Lao students studying abroad. Every year, the Department send its delegations to the nations where Laos students are pursuing their study to check the study of the students abroad. In addition, the Laotian Overseas Student Services Center was established with the purpose of preparing students regarding their choice of study program, points of view and ethics before their departure.

At the meeting, Dr.Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University reviewed the cooperation in training Laos students at Hue University. At present, there are 345 Laotian students studying at Hue University under the agreements between the two central governments, between TTHue and Laotian provincial governments, Hue University scholarships and self-funded. The majority of Lao students are studying at Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy, of Economics, of Law, of Sciences, and of Education at Hue University.

Laotian students are evaluated good from the moral point of view and to have close relationships with Vietnamese students, to participate in many sports activities, cultural performances and community activities. The Lao Students’ Representative Office and the Department of Student Affairs of Hue University have always worked closely with each other to create the best conditions for Lao students in Hue. Hue University also reserves a fully equipped dormitory for Lao students. In addition, many clubs and teams are formed to assist Lao students in their studies; teachers pay speacial attention to the learning of the Lao students.

Hue University affirms that it always creates the most favorable conditions and a friendly and high quality education environment for Lao students to study and live. Especially, every year, Hue University offers a graduate scholarship program for Lao students to study at Hue University. After the working meeting with the Vice President of Hue University, the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Sports of Laos spent time talking with the Lao students studying at Hue University.



(Hue University News)