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Home address:
  1/4 - 87, Nguyen Hue street, Hue city, Vietnam
Cell phone:   0914204004


- PhD in Environmental Science, Hanoi National University, 2007 - 2013

- MSc in Environmental Management, University of Queensland, Australia, 2002

- BSc in Business Administration, Center for Distant Learning, Hue University, 1999

- BA in English, Hue College of Sciences, Hue University, 1996

- BSc in Biology, Hue College of Sciences, Hue University, 1991

Other trainings:

- English for Academic Purposes, Vietnam - Australia Training Project, 2001

- Watershed Management and Conflict Resolution, University of Dalhousie, Canada, 2005 and 2007

Environmental Management Accounting for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in South-East Asia, CSM, InWent and ASEP, 2006

Enabling Environment for Watershed Management, MRC-GTZ, ITT-CUAS, InWent and DAAD, 2007

- Vietnam National TOTs Programme on Strategic Environmental Assessment, GTZ, SEMLA and MONRE 2008

- Water Management and Modern Irrigation Technology, Centre for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel, 2009

- Principles in Practice (PIP): Ocean and Coastal Governance, CIDA, Canada, 2009

- One-year Master Program on Environmental Leadership, WorldBank/ JENESYS Programme for Mekong Basin Countries, University of Ritsumeikan, Japan, 2010

- Territorial Climate and Energy Plan, Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) and French Environment and Energy Management Agency, 2011

- Sumernet Writeshop 2 on Academic Writing, Stockholm Environment Institute in Bangkok, Thailand, 2012


Good command of English in both writing and speaking.


Water and Energy Efficiency

- Urban and Rural Water Supply Management

- Inventory of greenhouse gas emission

- Ecotourism

- Environmental Management


- Sustainable Development of Farmstead Economy in Central Vietnam
- Public Water Demand Side Management in Thua Thien Hue Province

- Water Efficiency in Israel and Energy Efficiency in Japan

- Energy and Water Efficiency in Hotel and Hospitality Industry of Hue city

- Carrying Capacity vs Limits of Acceptable Change in Tourism

- Ecotourism in Central Vietnam

- Using Bilan Carbone method for making inventories of greenhouse gas emissions


- Member of Environmental Audit Team for Eco-tourism in Kingfisher Bay, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia, 2001.
- Project Consultant for WWF’s Green Corridor and SNV Vietnam’s Pro-Poor Sustainable Tourism Programme on “Assessment for Ecotourism and Community-Based Tourism Potential Along the HCM Highway in the Central Truong Son landscape”, 2005-2006.

- Team member for Fauna Preliminary Survey in the Laguna Hue Tourism Area Project, 2007. 

- Team member for Environmental Impact Assessment in the project Construction of Garment Plant in Hai Lang Industrial Park, Quang Tri Province.

- Team member for Environmental Impact Assessment in the project Supplying Electricity for Unelectrified Households in Soc Trang Province.

- Team member of the project Sanitation Constraints Classification and Alternatives Evaluation for Asian Cities (SaniCon-Asia) contracted with Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University (2010-2011).

- Team member of the project entitled “Public Water Supply by Advanced Membrane Technology in Southeast Asia” jointly conducted with Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, HUEWACO, Toyo University, the University of Tokyo, and MetaWater Co., Ltd. with support from NEDO under the Government of Japan CP (2010-2013). 

- Member of the Project Management Board on Action towards Resource-Efficient and Low Carbon Cities in Asia funded by French Environment and Energy Management Agency, 2011.

- Consultant for the project “Sustainable Urban Tourism Through Low Carbon Initiatives: Experience from Hue and Chiang Mai” funded by Sustainable Mekong Research Network (Sumernet) and Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).


- Vietnam Wetlands Association

- Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment

- Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Biotechnology, Hue University

- Institute of International Research and Development, Dalhousie University

- Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Hanoi National University, Vietnam

- Center for Coastal Management and Development Studies, Hue College of Sciences

At the Center for International Cooperation, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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